Welcome to Pyrethrum and other oil crops Directorate (POICD)

Pyrethrum &Other Industrial Crops Directorate (POICD) is one of the eight Directorates created under the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA). The overall role of the Directorate is to regulate the pyrethrum and other industrial crops sub-sectors in Kenya. The Directorate draws its mandate from the AFA Act (Act No. 13 of 2013) and the Crops Act (Act 16 0f 2013). The functions of the Directorate are also aligned to the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and Vision 2030.

POICD oversees the sustainable development and promotion of scheduled crops value chains through effective regulation for economic growth. The Directorate facilitates marketing of the Pyrethrum products in Kenya and globally in partnership with public and private institutions as well as other stakeholders.